As the founding partner of American business jet aircraft producer Eclipse Aerospace and the only authorized sales representative of Eclipse 500 jet aircrafts in Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, we have been working towards increasing Turkey's market share in high-technology requiring civil aviation sector and consolidating its position in the global game.

We set out with ambitious goals in the real estate sector with a view to building upon our achievements in the civil aviation sector to achieve even more We are aiming to bring fresh vision to the real estate sector by following all developments at the global and local level and support our investments in land by concept creation, brand creation and meticulous approach in construction.

Along with our Real Estate and Aviation activities as EA Group we are also one of the pioneering organizations in Defense and Security in Turkey and the Middle East Region, offering modern and innovative solutions to many global companies we represent in Turkey and the surrounding region.

As an initiator, supplier and manufacturer of Defense and Security solutions, we are providing a reliable business platform in Turkey and for the needs of the regions concerned. By adapting to the needs of organizations on the latest developments in Defense and Security technology , we are contributing to the security of our region.

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